Experimental and research base of SE "DB "Yuzhnoe"

At your service 5 industrial buildings of the State Design Office "Yuzhnoe"- one of the leading enterprises in the rocket and space industry, equipped with modern testing equipment.

We tested objects weighing from several grams to 150 tons, supplied by road and rail.

Test equipment includes

Test rooms with power floors and walls

Climate chambers

Electrodynamic and electro-hydraulic power stands

A complex of pneumatic-hydraulic tests

High pressure tanks

Measuring instruments and multichannel measuring and information systems

Installations for cyclic loading

Modern information-measuring systems allow registering up to 2500 parameters.

Qualified specialists will answer any question of your employees: how to test, how to measure and even how to improve your design.

According to your requirements, specialists will be able to design and develop design documentation for non-standard test equipment and ensure its manufacture.

Strength tests

The strength testing base includes unique silo-loading equipment for static, vibrational, resource, transportation (bench and full-scale), fatigue (tensile, compression and bending) and other types of tests of rocket and space objects and products for the national economy, as well as information computer systems for collection and processing of measurement information and test management.

The test base allows the following types of tests:

  • Static loading by a combination of loads from several kn. up to 50,000 kN (dimensions 30х10х18 m) in manual and automated modes.

  • Determination of the mechanical characteristics of materials under loads up to 2000 kN.

  • Pressure tests up to 60 MPa (working fluid - water) or 40 MPa (working fluid - hydraulic oil).

  • External pressure tests using the vacuum method with a vacuum of up to 0.01 MPa.

  • Cyclic loading of objects with loads of up to 2000 kN and internal pressure.

  • Harmonious loading of rolling stock weighing up to 150 tons on railway tracks, including with explosive and fire hazardous cargo in the field.

  • Conducting experimental studies of the dynamic characteristics of structures weighing up to 60,000 kg and dimensions 3x3x20 m in the frequency range up to 2000 Hz.

  • Tests for the transport modes of structures and vehicles (dimensions 4 x 5 x 25 m and weight up to 200,000 kg) in the frequency range from 0 to 100 Hz with forces up to 2000 kN the frequency range from 0 to 100 Hz with forces up to 2000 kN.

  • Measurements and analysis of results during field transportation tests using an automated measurement system for 256 parameters located in a laboratory car and a set of small-sized equipment for installation on moving objects.

Measurements, processing, analysis of deformations, forces, displacements during static tests:

  • movements from 3 to 700 mm;

  • forces from 0 to 5000 kN;

  • deformations - within the limits of elastic deformations;

  • cornering.

Climate tests

The climate test base is designed to determine the operability and reliability of materials, components and assemblies in conditions of extreme temperatures and humidity, as well as to conduct accelerated climate tests in order to refine and establish their warranty periods. Climatic tests are carried out in chambers of heat, cold and humidity. The cameras are equipped with a multi-channel information-measuring system that provides control over the maintenance of specified parameters. Climatic chambers are adapted for testing bulky heavy loads. A railway track has been laid for their transportation. If necessary, the cameras can be equipped with additional armored cabs for testing units with air pressure up to 250 atm.

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