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Development of technical specifications

Technical specifications or TUs are called normative documents that establish the requirements to which material products (products, materials, substances, etc.) must meet, processes and services (hereinafter referred to as products).

JSC “Yugtest” LLC will develop the technical conditions of Ukraine taking into account the features of the products or services of your enterprise, the term for the development and approval of specifications is up to 3 months.

Services in the development of technical specifications


Development of the text of the draft regulatory document (TS)


Finalization of the design specifications and / or additional tests based on the approval of specifications


Examination and approval of the TS project with interested parties (customer, departmental, industry, specialized technical and scientific organizations, specialized state committees, etc.)


Expertise and state registration of the territorial body of TS  Derzhspozhivstandart Ukraine


Examination of the results of acceptance tests or their implementation


Analysis of the act of the acceptance committee

The list of necessary documents for the development of technical specifications

  • Details of the manufacturer;

  • Product description;

  • Purpose of products;

  • Assortment, brands, articles, models, types, etc .;

  • DKPP code of products;

  • A brief description of the manufacturing process of the product (or the recipe and process instruction for food products);

  • The list of technical characteristics;

  • The procedure and conditions for acceptance of products of the quality control department of the enterprise;

  • Methods and means of factory acceptance control;

  • Packaging requirements (packaging methods, packaging material, list of enclosed documents, etc.);

  • Transportation requirements;

  • Storage conditions;

  • Safety requirements in the manufacture and operation;

  • Terms of Use;

  • Warranty period;

  • The list of organizations with which technical specifications are necessarily agreed.

State standards and approvals required to obtain technical specifications

Technical conditions are registered and agreed with the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine. The time required for this is from 1 to 2 months.

In cases of the need for additional coordination of technical conditions (Gosgorpromnadzor, Derzhbud, Ministry of Emergencies, environmentalists, etc.), more time is needed.

There are requirements of state standards, according to which the technical conditions go through the development, approval, acceptance, state registration:

  • DSTU 1.3: 2004 "National standardization. The rules of incitement, weekend, design, weather, accept and designate the technical minds"

  • DSTU 1.5: 2003 "National standardization. Promotions, vacancies, registration rules and requirements to the normative documents (ISO / IEC Directives, part 2, 2001, NEQ)"

  • DSTU 1.6: 2004 "National Standardization. Rules for Regulatory Normative Documents"

  • GOST 2.114-95 "ESKD. Technical conditions"

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