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TCC Testing and Certification Center.

Accredited by NAAU.

Since 1990, in the quality market!



Our company continues to provide services for assessing the conformity of products both to technical regulations and in the voluntary sphere. We also test products.




The activities of JSC PIVDENTEST LLC cover everything related to quality and safety, certification and evaluation, testing and legitimization.


Certification center

To boldly declare a new product on the Ukrainian market (production, import for sale), the product must be registered in the country. In connection with the state course towards European integration, the usual procedure for standardization and certification of products has undergone a number of serious changes. Now, the manufactured / imported products must comply with the technical regulations of Ukraine (analogous to the European Directive).

The procedure for obtaining a certificate is quite complicated for entrepreneurs. Certification center

LLC "TCC YUGTEST" in Dnepropetrovsk assists in the declaration and certification of goods.

Types of Certification


Certification in Ukraine is divided into two types:

  1. Conformity assessment / certification / to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Ukraine; The scope is determined by specific Technical Regulations. It concerns both Ukrainian and imported products. Grants the right to affix the National Conformity Mark.

  2. Voluntary, which is carried out at the request of the manufacturer / importer in order to establish compliance of the product with certain standards. Voluntary certification services have become very popular today, as obtaining a certificate of compliance provides many advantages: 

The manufacturer / seller company automatically increases its competitiveness in the market with similar products;

Marking the product packaging, indicating the presence of a certificate of conformity, is the most reliable quality guarantee for the consumer;

The manufacturer, who has confirmed through certification that the manufactured products meet certain requirements, builds confidence in their activities;

The results of the verification during certification can be used in the future to improve the properties and quality characteristics of products.

Certificates of conformity


The center for certification of product quality in Ukraine “TCC YUGTEST” carries out all types of work to assist in obtaining both voluntary and “mandatory” certificates in the scope of the Technical Regulations (takes into account the declaration of conformity).

The center’s specialists assume all the responsibilities for conducting conformity assessment / certification procedures, determine the list of products for assessing compliance with the regulations.

All results are entered into the register of certified products in the country.

Certificates of compliance are divided into several types:

Issued for foreign products. To receive this document, the certification procedure must go through all the goods imported into the country.

Certificate for a single product or for a batch of goods. The validity of this document does not exceed 12 months, after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure. The declaration of conformity indicates the number of the product or consignment to which it applies. If at the end of the validity period of the certificate the entrepreneur has a part of the certified product, it is subject to re-certification.

Serial certificate issued on the basis of product verification without analysis of production. It is valid for one year. All this time, the company has tight control over the quality of its products. After 12 months, you must go through the research procedure again. The essence of conformity assessment is to test product samples.

Serial certificate issued based on the results of product verification and production analysis. The manufacturer can certify the products for two years. Control over compliance with technical regulations is carried out at the factory annually. It consists in testing exemplary product units.

A document issued based on the results of a simultaneous analysis of production and management. It can be issued for a period of up to five years. Quality control of manufactured goods is carried out annually. The procedure includes the study of the production process, audit (final analysis).

In the case of conformity assessment procedures, use the procedures specified in Technical Regulation No. 95 dated January 13, 2016 (On the approval of conformity assessment modules that are used to develop conformity assessment procedures and rules for using conformity assessment modules).

You can get a certificate of conformity at the certification center of ISC YUGTEST LLC in the Dnieper.

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