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Conformity assessment

Those products in respect of which the technical regulations apply must be declared in Ukraine for compliance with the technical regulations in accordance with standard assessment modules.

Procedure for checking products for compliance

Conducted in accordance with PKMU N95 dated 01/13/2016 "About hardening the evaluation modules for the identification of issues, as well as for the fragmentation of the procedures for evaluating the identification of rules, that rules are governed by the evaluation of the evaluation modules"

Given the module for analyzing the correlation of the product with regulated technical requirements, the proof of the adequacy of the parameters takes place on the basis of data received from the manufacturer (importer) or from the competent authority that evaluates the goods in accordance with statutory regulations. The evaluation body may be an organization appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine or any certification body, management system, private research laboratory, accredited by the NAAU.

In order to receive confirmation of product conformity, the manufacturer must perform the declaration in accordance with technical regulations, and the product must be marked with the National Quality Mark.

Analysis Algorithm

Assessment of conformity or non-compliance of products with technical regulations is a set of actions, based on the results of which a final decision is made. The general scheme looks like this:

  • studying the product for possible danger to the consumer;

  • determination of technical standards to which this type of product (service, work) belongs;

  • the study of technical documents containing information on the characteristics and properties of products that should be checked in relation to standards established by technical regulations;

  • the applicant (importer, manufacturer, authorized persons) prepares a draft document (declaration);

  • the body that assesses the conformity of goods to certain technical regulations checks documents for the correct design of a declaration;

The body proceeds to assess the conformity of products (it checks and confirms the evidence in the draft declaration of the presence of regulated technical characteristics of the goods). Evaluation work includes the following stages:

  • Study of the claimed project;

  • Testing the product, its identification;

  • Assessment of control of production processes;

  • Identification of the type of test product;

  • Research in production, certification of manufactured products, analysis of the control system;

  • the body involved in the verification of documentation, brings to the applicant the positive results of the work performed in the form of an examination certificate, a certificate on the relation of goods to a particular type or adequacy to existing standards, the test report, analytical report, etc .;

  • the manufacturer, supplier, authorized person accepts the declaration in the form specified by law;

  • if desired, the applicant can register the received declaration with the body that conducted the assessment in order to confirm the body checks the completeness and reliability of the information contained in it;

  • product labeling by applying the National Conformity Mark;

implementation of inspection control.

Our services

The process, including product evaluation for compliance with technical regulations, preparation of draft declarations, labeling of goods, is complex and individual for each technical regulation. LLC "ISC YUGTEST" in the Dnieper provides enterprises with consulting services. Here you can get advice from competent specialists, buy a certain service (for example, drawing up a draft declaration) or order a whole range of activities related to the analysis of products within the framework of established modules.

Conformity Assessment Module System

Modules are a set of procedures required for the evaluation of goods in accordance with the Technical Regulations approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 95-2016-p dated 04.09.2016.

Effective modules:

A - control in the production process;

A1 - control in the production process, control over ongoing product testing;

A2 - periodic monitoring in the production process, control over ongoing product testing;

B - determination of the type of product;

C - analysis of compliance with this type based on the results of internal production control;

C1 - analysis of compliance with this type according to the results of internal production control and tests;

C2 - periodic analysis of compliance with this type based on the results of internal production control and tests;

D - achievement of attitude to this type by creating the desired quality of production processes;

D1 - creation of an appropriate quality of production;

E - achieving a relationship with this type by ensuring a certain level of product quality;

E1 - ensuring the appropriate quality of production;

F - the ratio of products to a specific type according to the results of the audit;

F1 - the ratio of products to a certain type according to the results of the audit;

G is the adequacy of a specific commodity unit;

N - full quality guarantee;

Н1 - a full guarantee of quality, design assessment.

The manufacturer, supplier, proxies can choose the best type of product conformity assessment from the established list according to their scope.

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