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Unbrakable control

Non-destructive testing is a set of control methods, assessing the reliability, properties of equipment or its individual parts, without stopping, disabling the facility. Tests are carried out during the operation of equipment, assemblies, mechanisms and can avoid material costs, loss of time, increasing their reliability.

Using technical diagnostics, defects, defects, cracks, delaminations, etc. are detected. Investigations can be carried out either directly at the location of the test samples, or in the laboratory of the company.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" offers its services in non-destructive testing of structures, equipment, individual parts, both in Dnepropetrovsk and in any other city of Ukraine.

Types of non-destructive testing
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Radio wave


Eddy current




Electric and others

Let us dwell on some basic methods.
non-destructive testing.
  • Acoustic. The basis of the method is the ability to register elastic waves that arise in the test sample. Most often, elastic waves of the ultrasonic range are used. The presence of elastic waves is associated with such characteristics of materials as elasticity, density, anisotropy, etc .;

  • Radiation. In the process of conducting research, registration and analysis of ionizing radiation after its interaction with the test object is performed. Depending on the type of radiation, there are subspecies of radiation control: X-ray, neutron, gamma and beta. Most often, the technique is used in flaw detection, the study of the structural features of materials;

  • Radio wave. The method is based on changes in the characteristics of electromagnetic waves interacting with the test sample. This type of verification can be used when testing products from plastic, ceramics, ferrites, semiconductors;

  • Thermal. The technique is based on recording changes in thermal or temperature fields, which depend on the chemical composition, the presence of defects, and geometric characteristics. It can be used for products from any materials.

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