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Before you release a product for sale, you must first check its properties. Checking the mechanical properties is one of the main examinations that determine the operational characteristics of products
The main mechanical properties include






You can also check the properties of products after purchase.

Strength determines the ability of certain materials to withstand deformations that occur in them under the influence of external or internal forces. The strength of the reaction depends on the structure of the substance, as well as intermolecular bonds. There is a standard set of strength characteristics, which are grouped by the type of force acting on them. For instance:



Static: joint strength, tensile, bending, shear, torsion;

Dynamic: impact and cyclic strength.

Static forces follow in such a way that the size of the product remains almost unchanged in time. Dynamic forces are characterized by values ​​that change rapidly, which causes deformations in the material.


Hardness is an indicator of the ability of a material to withstand deformations in contact with harder bodies. This is a differentiated characteristic that describes basically a specific surface or part of it. The bodies that penetrate the test article are called an indenter. The latter are selected depending on the test sample (diamonds, hardened steel and others).


Indenters can have various shapes: pyramidal, spherical. Try this property in two ways:




Plasticity determines the ability of materials to deform under the influence of internal and external influences without destruction. There is elastic and inelastic ductility.


Elastic plasticity - the property of a material to return to its original shape and size after unloading;

Inelastic ductility - designed for soft and viscous materials.

All products experience mechanical effects of a different nature, cause tensile, bending, and others. This happens not only during operation, but also in the manufacture, transportation of products. The ability of materials to withstand mechanical stresses or change their properties under their influence is one of the key factors in the durability of the products.

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