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Benefits of implementing ISO 9001

The norms of the International Organization for Standardization were adopted in most countries of the world, including Ukraine in 2009. The introduction of international quality standards according to the international certification of ISO 9001 in Ukraine significantly affects the expansion of the consumer market.

Predicted changes in the work of enterprises after the development of mass media and the adoption of the certification system ISO 9001:


Effective workflow planning


Optimization of enterprise structure in the organizational industry


Positive changes in the management of technological and administrative processes


Responsible approach to quality control of goods, as well as increasing motivation


Improving the adaptability of enterprises to the dynamic requirements of consumers


Sharing responsibility between all employees equally (decentralization)

The certification of ISO 9001 implies positive changes in the direction of expanding the consumer market.

Factors affecting market improvement:

The competitiveness of goods is growing


Improving the reputation of the organization


The quality of manufactured goods is growing


Demonstration of the reliability of the enterprise as a result of improving the quality of products


Accordingly, customer satisfaction is growing in proportion to improved product quality

Certification 9001 in the Dnieper has many advantages, in addition to expanding the market and improving the internal work of enterprises, it also stimulates profit growth due to several factors:


Prevention of possible consumer dissatisfaction


Reduction of non-production costs


Significant reduction in consumption of resources and raw materials


Prevention of appearance of products that do not meet standards at all stages of production


The production of defective products is excluded and, as a result, losses are reduced


Minimization of costs for mandatory certification of goods

If the Quality Management System acts in accordance with 9001 certification, this will positively affect relations with the consumer society and the state itself. Such changes are possible due to:


Insurance risks will be minimized


The most simple process for obtaining all the necessary documents (certificates, licenses, certificates)

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Prevention of legally punishable incidents


Guaranteed compliance with both regulatory and legal requirements

The ISO 9001 certification system performs such positive functions as the permanent improvement of the organization's work processes through continuous monitoring and measurement of activities. Monitoring is carried out on the basis of information analysis, which is necessary in order to comply with ISO 9001 certification. It is by coordinating the activities of your enterprise with international standards that you can continuously improve the quality of manufactured goods and establish organizational processes.

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