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Testing equipment for density, strength through pneumatic, hydraulic, aerodynamic tests

Density testing of equipment involves hydraulic, pneumatic, and aerodynamic tests and is widely used in testing vessels, pipelines, equipment, and their parts.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" offers services for testing equipment for strength in the Dnieper and other cities of Ukraine.

Test methods
Hydraulic and pneumatic tests are carried out:


after manufacturing equipment


after installation activities


during the operation of the equipment

Based on the characteristics of the equipment, it is possible to replace hydraulic tests with pneumatic ones. One of the most well-known methods of checking equipment is periodic pressure loading exceeding the working one, which is determined by regulatory documents and experimental data. The indicated pressure value is set for ten minutes, after which it is reduced and the test samples are inspected.

The temperature during tests and exposure is determined according to the standards of strength calculations. The operability of the equipment is confirmed if, during inspection, no leaks and ruptures were recorded, and the pressure drop was within the limits specified in the standards. After completion of the tests, residual deformations shall not be detected.

When conducting research, the pressure and frequency of tests should be determined based on the actual level of reliability of the equipment, achieved through tests and their changes over time.

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