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HACCP (HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS) - risk analysis and critical milestones.

HACCP certification is applied not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. HACCP is one of the best preventative safety products in the food industry and stands for hazard analysis and critical control points.


HACCP certification in the food industry involves a system of continuous control and monitoring of all stages, including the receipt of the necessary raw materials and the consumption of food products by the user.


In Ukraine, the use of the HACCP certification tool is mandatory for all organizations that produce food products. This position is fixed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 771/97-BP, as well as Order No. 590.

Positive changes in the economy and management using HACCP certification in Ukraine:


Food safety remains consistently high


Timely study of adverse moments reveals latent risks, and the necessary resources are used where necessary\


Enthusiasm for the share of business in the Ukrainian domestic market due to the growing level of public confidence, even in conditions of high competition


The fact of using a hazard analysis system indicates the manufacturer’s focus on willingness to bear responsibility to the consumer and his highly conscious attitude


The application of HACCP certification (in the Dnieper, for example) is an indicator of the implementation of regulatory and legislative standards


When using risk analysis, there is already a transition from testing of finished products to the prevention of hazardous factors in the production activity and sale of goods, which affects the optimization of resource consumption


The export market will steadily increase with the introduction of HACCP, since this system is legally adopted in many states


Minimization of costs associated with a decrease in cases of food returns and food poisoning

The main points of HACCP certification:


Identify risks and minimize potential hazards


Approve events to adjust biases that could be dangerous


Identify critical control points


Test system performance


Accept the maximum allowable parameter values at critical points


Record cases where the requirements of the previous paragraphs were met


Introduce continuous control over critical points

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