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Ergonomic Compliance Tests

Ergonomic studies are conducted to determine the suitability of products for human use. There are four main indicators of ergonomics: hygienic, anthropometric, physiological, psychological.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" carries out verification of products for compliance with ergonomic requirements in Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine.

Ergonomics indicators:


Determine the compliance of products with hygiene requirements. These are such indicators as the level of illumination, noise, toxicity, electric field strength, etc.



This category includes indicators of product compliance with body size, its shape, etc.



These are indicators that should correspond to such human capabilities as speed, strength, energy



Determine the compliance of products with the characteristics of memory, thinking, perception of a person, ability to acquire skills. Two psychological indicators are mainly used: the correspondence of the product to the acquired and formed skills, the correspondence of the ability of perception and assimilation of information.

Based on the above, a comprehensive indicator is formed - ergonomics. Ergonomic tests should take into account human capabilities at all stages of product operation.

Based on the studies, a technical report is created on the compliance of products with ergonomic requirements and recommendations for improving performance.

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