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Climate tests

Climatic measurements are part of the set of tests that various technical products, individual parts, materials, coatings are subjected to. The main purpose of climate testing is to determine the stability of test samples to the effects of various factors on them, which can lead to the environment. Climatic measurements are one of the main checks that products of different fields must pass.

Characteristics of the types of natural factors.

To carry out climate measurements, the indicators of various types of natural factors are clarified.

The main factors include



Using climate measurements, the effect of high and low temperatures on products is established. The variability of temperature differences is also established at the operational characteristics of the products


Dust sand

Assessment of the operation of devices and mechanisms in an environment where there is sand, dust. Including the work is traced under their dynamic impact



With the help of this factor, the degree of the destructive effect of high humidity, its sharp change, is determined



It is found out how much the product is susceptible to mold infection, and how it affects its performance.



The task of the test is to determine how these or other devices or mechanisms will work at low or high pressure, as well as options and the ability to work with a differential pressure



Determines how natural precipitation (rain, snow) affects products that are being tested.


Ultraviolet radiation

Registration of changes in product characteristics under the influence of sunlight

Climate Measurement Locations

Climatic measurements are carried out both in natural conditions (over a long period) and in laboratories in special climatic chambers capable of simulating natural conditions.


Laboratory facilities are able to reproduce any conditions, even those that are not represented on our planet. The ability to create extreme conditions allows you to make long-term forecasts of performance or options for maintaining the operational characteristics of the product.

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