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Environmental Compliance
hygiene standards

Monitoring for compliance of products with environmental standards is carried out in order to determine its environmental impact during operation, storage, transportation. The purpose of the check is also to determine the degree of its disposal after loss of consumer properties or wear.

Environmental requirements are for technology, food, building materials, substances, etc.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" offers its services in conducting environmental and sanitary-hygienic control, both in Dnepropetrovsk and in any other city of Ukraine.

Features of the control

Assessment of compliance with environmental standards is carried out to prevent the release and delivery to consumers of products that do not meet the requirements of environmental safety and cleanliness.

The main stages of assessment:

Collection of information, its analysis


Assessment of the consequences of the production of this type of product


Determination of types, nature of the impact of the tested products on the environment


Combining results in a report


Prediction of environmental impact

During the analysis, information is used that characterizes the given product (purpose, characteristics, composition, materials for its manufacture) and the state of the environment in the places of its production and consumption. The analysis allows you to establish the properties of products that affect the environment, people, types of exposure and their nature.

Sanitary inspection is carried out in order to exclude the impact on human health of negative factors. The control process identifies safety criteria indicating the maximum permissible content of unsafe substances. The result of the analysis is a report that identifies safety or harm to humans hazardous factors in the product.

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