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Evaluation of the influence of electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy emitted by various devices surrounding a person. Its influence should be taken into account when assessing working conditions and human life. Sources of electromagnetic waves are all electronic devices, transformers, antennas, generators, etc. Almost all modern equipment involved in astronomical, geodetic, geophysical, and other works operates in the range of electromagnetic waves of ultra-high and ultra-high frequencies, which poses a considerable danger to personnel.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" offers its services in assessing the impact of electromagnetic fields on humans, both in the Dnieper and in any other city of Ukraine.

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The negative effect of the electromagnetic field

Invisible electromagnetic field can seriously upset human health. Our blood is an electrolyte and, under the influence of electromagnetic waves, ion currents arise in it, leading to tissue heating. If the intensity is too high, at some point the body may not be able to cope with the released heat energy.
This is especially dangerous for organs that have an underdeveloped vascular system with low-intensity blood circulation. So, irradiation of the visual organ for a certain period can lead to clouding of the lens.

In addition, electromagnetic radiation negatively affects the nervous system, cardiovascular system, metabolism. Prolonged exposure to the human body of electromagnetic waves of a certain intensity can cause increased fatigue, decreased labor productivity, headaches, changes in pressure and pulse.

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