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Electrical testing

Electrical equipment must be operated in accordance with the norms and requirements established by the relevant rules. In order to confirm that the equipment meets the requirements, electrical testing is necessary. This will make it possible to avoid situations that are dangerous to human life and health.

There are various types of electrical tests: acceptance tests, certification, periodic and preventive. Their conduct should be carried out in accordance with GOST and international standards.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" offers its services in conducting electrical testing of equipment in Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine.

Objectives and types of tests

The main task of electrical testing of equipment is to verify compliance of all parameters with the standards and the declared project. The results of inspections are recorded in the protocol, on the basis of which a technical report is subsequently prepared.

Electrical tests are carried out according to a specific program, which is developed on the basis of the characteristics of the equipment under study. All tests, regardless of the type of equipment. They have common points in conducting: insulation testing, inspection of electrical connections, grounding, etc. The behavior of electrical installations with the study of wiring diagrams includes familiarization with cable log data, checking equipment compliance with the project, inspecting cables and wires, quality of installation work, checking voltage circuits. The test report, which is drawn up at the end of all work, reflects the results of all measurements taken, as well as recommendations for troubleshooting.

Unlike electrical work, the purpose of electrical testing is to check the equipment for safety, to monitor its performance in real time. When conducting tests, they emulate not only standard operating modes, but also critical ones.

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