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Assessment of heat-physical, chemical, physical-mechanical characteristics

Evaluation of the chemical characteristics of materials allows us to determine the ability and level of activity of the latter to chemical interaction with environmental reagents and the ability to maintain composition and structure. Most of the studied materials are active in interactions with acids, alkalis, etc. Also, many materials are capable of spontaneous chemical changes.


The well-known corrosion is a structural change and destruction occurring under the influence of chemical and electrochemical processes. The chemical properties of materials can change due to the presence of various impurities in it, which have a significant impact on the quality of the binders. You can identify them by studying the chemical composition of the material.

Testing and certification center "Yugtest" offers its services in evaluating the physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics of materials, both in Dnepropetrovsk and in any other city of Ukraine.

Analysis Features

Quite often, physical and chemical properties are analyzed, which determine the ability of materials to reveal intermolecular bonds under the influence of various physical phenomena, which is especially characteristic of surface layers.

The main methods of analysis of physico-chemical properties:

Determination of the specific surface of powder materials




Surface tension

A complex characteristic expressing the ability of a material to resist various influences (physical, chemical, or a combination thereof) is durability. It is judged by the change in the key characteristics of materials or by the deterioration of their quality to a certain level.

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