Advantages of certification in
TCC "Yugtest" LLC

If product certification parties, we provide:

  • Duration of work - from 1 to 3 working days

  • Discounts for regular customers - up to 25%

  • Savings for the applicant through the application of a balanced optimal approach to the facilities and the certification procedure, namely

Combinations of identical batches on the basis of general purpose, structural and technological similarity of the declared names, types and models of products, HS codes and DKPP codes

“Offsets” in certification of protocols of previously conducted product tests, if these products have already been certified

Consolidation of a certified batch on the basis of an analysis of the contract and shipping documents (certification "for a contract", merging parties according to a common proforma invoice)

Use of documents and information on the results of examination, testing, control and supervision, if they were carried out by the manufacturer or by the authorities of supervision and control in relation to these products

Certification of a complete facility after its installation (instead of certification of many of its components imported as separate consignments)

Service (no need for personal contacts, communication and exchange of documents - by E-mail, fax, skype, phone, courier)

Product type studies in order to select one type representative for certification tests

When certifying serial products (type of product) we provide:

Duration of work - from 10 to 30 days, depending on the certification scheme (for 1, 2, 3, 5 years) or the module for assessing compliance with technical regulations





The ability, in justified cases, to simplify the certification procedure (“extramural” production evaluation, “offset” of tests of other categories, in particular factory tests as certification, recognition of certificates of other bodies, including the control system, the minimum number of samples, optimization of the nomenclature characteristics, testing of only one sample representative, etc.)

Reducing the cost of work due to optimization (simplification, integration of certification procedures at all its stages during preliminary analysis, examination of documents, inspection, certification of production, testing, assessment of quality systems, formation of mock-ups of certificates and their annexes)

Issuing recommendations on the completion of the claimed products and / or its improvement

Possibility of complex performance of similar works associated with certification: hygienic examination, obtaining state permission. supervisory authorities, declaration of conformity, management system assessment, etc.)

Discounts and tight deadlines

Possibility of obtaining voluntary certificates for products: in the Yugtest certification system







Possibility of obtaining type examination certificates of modulo B with the inclusion in the register of the authorized CMU OOS UA TR 076


We provide our customers with:


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