Procedure for products certification

In order to properly certify any product, you need to know the basic provisions about this event. Thus, obtaining a certificate depends on such things as the scheme under which the product receives it and the stages of product certification in Ukraine.

The stages of certification, their duration in particular, depend on the types of goods and their quantity. There are several steps that any product goes through before getting it.

Stages of product certification in Ukraine:


The application is first submitted and considered for the required certificate


The submitted documents are analyzed


According to the application considered, a decision is made and a model is provided, which provides for the procedure of certification


If such a provision is provided by the scheme, a production certification or evaluation of the quality management system is carried out


Product samples are collected and then identified


Tests of selected models


The Commission decides in accordance with the results analyzed and the possibility of issuing a certificate of conformity


The certificate is registered and issued according to the YUGTEST System


Subsequently, technical inspection of the product that has been certified must be carried out

Any product in the Dnieper that must receive a quality mark is examined in accordance with the certification procedure. The document of conformity of the goods to the declared quality occurs according to a certain model, proceeding from seriality.

Product certification schemes

Serial models


Single item

The certification of products also includes the division of products into homogeneous groups. TCC "Yugtest" LLC is a certification body that fulfills all the powers to analyze products in accordance with the adopted standards.

Groups of homogeneous products:

Crane products and hoists

Spacecraft and rockets

Electronic and electrical technology

Products for the cable industry

Products related to the manufacture of detergents and cleaning products and perfumes and cosmetics

Lighting products

Pipeline structures

System equipment in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics

Earthenware, glass and porcelain dishes, as well as products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Medical equipment

Radio-electronic household appliances

Constructions and mechanisms related to construction

Products for light industry

Products for the metallurgical industry and metal structures

Paint and varnish products

Woodworking and metalworking machinery

Electric machines

Household electrical equipment

Chemical current sources

Technological equipment that is used for trade organizations, catering establishments or food processing units, as well as in meat, dairy and food industries

Transferable machines, tools and manual electromechanical mechanisms

Computer Engineering

Groceries and foodstuffs

Baby strollers and bicycles

Glass, plastic, rubber and polymer products

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