Declaration of Conformity

The declaration of conformity is a document of the established form, which contains a certificate of conformity of manufactured or imported products to the requirements of technical regulations and related standards.


The declaration of conformity is drawn up by the manufacturer, his authorized person or the supplier of the products under his exclusive legal responsibility, subject to the positive results of the conformity assessment of the declared products carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations applicable to these products.

The process of conformity assessment in LLC “TCC“ Yugtest ”practically does not differ from the certification process. However, the forms of declarations of conformity and certificates are different. The manufacturer or his authorized person or supplier can fill out, on the basis of the results of the conformity assessment, a declaration of conformity with the help of our consultants on the forms provided by us, and then register it with TCC Yugtest LLC, an authorized body for conformity assessment.

The nomenclature of products has been approved, according to which the conformity assessment body of JSC “Yugtest” LLC is authorized to carry out work to assess the conformity of products, processes and services to the requirements of the Technical Regulations. At the request of the customer, the declaration of conformity can be registered with the conformity assessment body.

The declaration of conformity contains information about the documents confirming the information indicated in it.

The declaration of conformity for a batch of goods usually contains a reference only to the test report and / or certificate of examination of the product sample. The declaration of conformity of the type of product may refer to a larger number of supporting documents (test report, certificate of examination, type verification certificates, certificates of conformity of products and management systems, reports on the results of type studies, etc.).

The declaration of conformity may also indicate documents or conditions that limit its validity. When drawing up a declaration of conformity for a batch of products, such restrictive documents may be a contract, specification to a contract, invoice, freight documents, etc.

The validity of the declaration of conformity, as a rule, is limited by the validity period of the documents indicated in it. For a batch of products - usually 1 year, for the type of product - 1, 2, 3, 5 years (depending on the scheme of certification of products) or indefinitely.

Analysis of technical documentation during the execution of the declaration of conformity is an integral element of each assessment module and may include:

  • analysis to identify products;

  • analysis to determine the suitability of technical documentation to confirm compliance;

  • project research.

The composition of the technical documentation confirming the conformity of products with the requirements of the technical regulation required for the execution of the declaration of conformity is established in the specific technical regulation, and, in the general case, may include:

  • technical specifications / descriptions;

  • operational documents;

  • a list of standards interconnected with the technical regulation, the requirements of which correspond to this product (if used by the manufacturer);

  • a description of the technical solutions adopted, confirming the fulfillment of the requirements of the technical regulation if standards interconnected with the technical regulation are absent or have not been applied;

  • protocols of acceptance, acceptance and other tests carried out by the manufacturer or / and testing laboratories (centers), confirming the conformity of products with the requirements of the technical regulation and related standards;

  • certificates of conformity for products;

  • certificates of conformity for control systems;

  • certificates of conformity and / or test reports for raw materials, components, components or product components;

  • other documents confirming the safety of products in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.


The study of the product design can be carried out by analyzing the technical documentation on which the products are manufactured, the results of the calculations, testing of experimental samples of products for which a declaration of conformity is issued.

Product type verification can be carried out by:

  • testing a sample for planned production as a typical product representative and / or testing critical product components;

  • analysis of technical documentation.


Assessment of production can be represented by the following main types:

  • analysis of the state (inspection) of production;

  • certification (assessment) of the management system.


Production control is carried out by the manufacturer and / or subcontracting organizations (laboratories) to ensure stability of compliance of the products with technical documentation and the requirements of technical regulations.

Registration of declarations of conformity is carried out according to the notification principle in accordance with the procedure established by the conformity assessment body.

Inspection control, after registration of the declaration of conformity, is carried out only within the framework of certification and may include:

  • testing samples of certified products;

  • monitoring the state of production;

  • inspection control of a certified management system.

Control over products, the conformity of which is confirmed by the declaration of conformity, is carried out within the framework of state market supervision and control of products.

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